Wednesday, August 16 2017

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Everything Medical Marijuana was formed due to the lack of medical marijuana information available on the market today. Our goal here is to provide information on the most current research, news, and products affiliated with the continuing medical marijuana movement. We emphasize on real people with real stories, transitioning from traditional medicine to medical marijuana.


Medical Cannabis NSW TRIALS

Recent medical cannabis trials involving children with severe drug-resistant epilepsy in NSW “New South Wales” are now a source of hope. These trials are a result of a commitment by …

Cannabis Treating Cervical Cancer

Studies like the one published in the European Journal of Cancer Care back in 2008 have already evaluated that cannabis-based medication can help minimize nausea and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy …

CBD Treatment for Ischemic Stroke

You can never be prepared for a stroke; They come without warning and the results are usually devastating. In most cases, there is usually irreparable damage to the brain causing …

Cannabinoids & CBD Processing

What are Cannabinoids? Since so many people use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, getting a little information about cannabinoids can go a long way in terms of making healthier …


Ask for”High-CBD” Weed Instead For every weed smoker who wants to get as high as possible, there’s someone else who has a light-duty panic attack—or maybe a heavy-duty panic attack—whenever …


In 2014, more than 14,000 people ― nearly 40 per day ― died from overdoses of prescribed opiates. Access to medical marijuana may be cutting down on the overall use …


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